Saturday, January 02, 2010


This is what it's like around here these days. Our dog Precious (now approximately 12 years old but still thinking he's a puppy...or maybe a kitty) has decided that he will--especially when we aren't looking--eat anything and everything...except dog food. I've tried all kinds of dog food in recent weeks. Even old favorites get a turned up schnozz. The cats, mind you, will eat the dog food but I think that's more because Precious also steals their tuna surprise, generally right from under thir noses between bites. For a big, klutzy dog, he can be pretty light on his feet when he sneaks down to do just that every single frickin' morning! So, when I saw this image from a 1966 YOGI BEAR newspaper strip, I could relate.


  1. You're overlooking the real problem here-- you (or Rene) named HIM (as in a MALE dog) PRECIOUS!!!

    Word verification is ''promo''-- so what do I get?

  2. For those who came in late, said canine is named Precious for the following reason: Ten years ago, he was rescued after escaping serious abuse. The idea then was to find him a good home. Presuming that he would be named by his new owners, he was simply referred to whilst here in reassuring baby talk pharses such as, "Oh, what a precious puppy, you are!" and "You're so precious!" Next thing you know we'd found him a good home--ours--and he had inadvertantly been christened...PRECIOUS! And he lived happily ever after.

  3. happy but resentful for the froo-froo name...
    he expects steak to make up for it