Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dick Tracy and Joe Jitsu

Politically incorrect but in the early sixties, one of my favorite cartoon series.


  1. Steven,
    These are my kind of cartoons, and an important part of my 1960s childhood.
    Yeah, I loved Hemlock Holmes ("It's not proper to pop a copper's topper" said in that faux Cary Grant voice) but JOE JITSU was my absolute favorite Tracy operative.
    Kudos for posting this!

  2. Hold Everything!

    D.Tracy was Everett Sloane, Jo Jiitsu & Hemlock Holmes Jerry Hausner [you as a fellow Lucy fan would know that he did baby voices-and also worked at UPA at Mr.Magoo's goofus nephew Waldo], Paul Frees as Go Go Gomez, & TV kids host of the 50s Johnny Coons [which I regret being born a bit too late to have seen live on TV] was Heap O'Callory.