Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kip King in Hospital

Regular readers will undoubtedly remember my talk with the absolutely fascinating and funny actor/comedian/teacher Kip King this past summer. Kip has been in the hospital for several months now with a number of major health issues precipitated by a heart attack but he's doing a little better right now. Prayers, happy thoughts and/or good vibes couldn't hurt if you'd care to send any his way.

Kip was an early member of the extremely influential Southern California improv group the Groundlings (which gave us Elvira, Pee Wee and Phil Hartman) and for years has been a respected improv and acting teacher. His own acting credits saw him working with the likes of Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Chuck Conners, James Franciscus, Betty Hutton and Tom Laughlin. He guested on sitcoms for nearly three decades and was a regular on Flip Wilson's short-lived CHARLIE & CO. His favorite role is as Tailor Smurf on THE SMURFS!

He is also the father of actor Chris Kattan and this past year stole every scene he was in of Chris's three part mini-series, BOLLYWOOD HERO. Fans of this blog will no doubt recall him best from his memorable turn (opposite singer Donna Loren) as one of the Joker's henchmen on the 1966 BATMAN episode in which the Clown Prince of Crime infiltrates a high school!

Hang in there, Kip! Get well soon!


  1. Hi Steve,

    Just to let you know that Kip King passed away on July 15th. We all miss him terribly. I knew him well. I am his brother in law. You did a great interview with Kip. Thank you

  2. Hi Steve,

    I am letting you know that Kip had passed away on July 15. We all miss him terribly and miss his humor. He was truly in a class by himself. I had the pleasure of seeing him at the Groundlings a couple of years ago and he was hilarious.

    Your interview with Kip was great. Thank you.

    I am his brother in law.