Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MLJ House Ads

MLJ Comics as such existed for only a little more than five years before even their name was usurped by a certain red-headed Teenager who shall here remain nameless. During that time, however, the company produced some of the most enjoyable, violent and best written and drawn Golden Age superhero stories. The Shield, the Wizard, the Hangman, Mister Justice, Captain Flag, the Black Hood...Forget the campy sixties versions of these guys, this was the real stuff back in the day. Here, for example, are some house ads from MLJ in the early 1940's


  1. I'm really glad you posted this; awhile back I remember seeing reading something about J Michael Straczynski writing a series of comics that "integrate the MLJ characters into the DC Universe" and had absolutely no idea what that referred to.

  2. There is someone out there selling a DVD with scans of ALL the MLJ superhero comics.

    When they brought out the Fly and Jaguar (and Shield) as the "Archie Adventure series" they were pretty good, before they were camped up as "Mighty Comics".