Thursday, January 07, 2010

Armored Bikini Girl!

So apparently there was a point in early 1974 when Gil Kane had this model done up in a silvery metal bra with a red...whatever you call it tied around her waist. She was a good model maybe but perhaps not cheap so foxy Ol' Gil figured to get the best possible use out of her poses by recycling them all year long at Marvel! Around March she appears on THOR 223 as drawn by Kane and inked by Frank Giacoia (with her hair apparently miscolored as blonde)and that very same month, by Gil with Ralph Reese, she adorns the THONGOR cover of CREATURES ON THE LOOSE. Three months later, "Sugar" Kane trots her out again for issue 15 of KULL THE DESTROYER. These are just the first three I saw! For all I know, he may have used her again that year! Anyone else seen her around?

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