Monday, January 04, 2010

Donations, Anyone?

Been awhile since I reminded one and all about the Paypal donations button on the right. Been awhile since this blog has received any donations, also. It's also been a solid year this week that I've been out of work. Sigh. Either overqualified or underqualified for everything, they say...if they bother to contact me at all. A couple of really good prospects this week but will they even talk with me?

On the positive side, we got all our actual debt paid off before the job crisis hit so all we have is normal operating expenses. On the negative side, no health insurance, little money allotted for extras like movies, new books or new tech.

That said, in this past year, I have started and maintained no less than 4 more blogs (5 actually but the 5th one never went public and has now gone away) as well as this one. For those of you just arriving, those would be YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST PICTURE, HOORAY FOR WALLY WOOD, BRITTANY ROSE AND ME, and GOING FOR BROKE-THE CHRISTA HELM STORY. Since late Summer, I have also worked more or less daily at SUPER I.T.C.H. with a list of daily comics history-related links as well as the occasional other article. You can find links to all of these other blogs on the right. Try 'em! You might like 'em!

In 2009, I worked behind the scenes--transcription, proofreading, editing, fact checking, researching, ghosting, etc. on no less than 5 actual books, 2 of which have recently come out with another due next month and the remaining ones forthcoming. The economy being what it is, most of this was volunteer work for the experience. I enjoy this type of work immensely and am continuing to do it this year already along with expanding into other areas for even more experience. Hopefully, that experience will start to pay, eventually.

I've also continued to indulge my passion for photography this past year with more sessions with my muse Brittany Rose (who I helped become a paid model this year!), my son, my animals and even (thanks to my lovely and understanding wife) an amazing and educational nude photography session (with a model but NOT Brittany Rose--just in case you were wondering). Although I was turned down by one amateur photographer site for some reason, I am a DAMN good photographer!

Add to all that looking for jobs all year long, taking care of the finances and the house (like spending all morning today fixing--cross your fingers--the toilet) as well as jumping through the Unemployment Office's red tape hoops, handling blood pressure and depression issues, dealing with ever-present car problems, breaking up with my long-standing best friend (whom I shall always love and wish nothing but the best for!), helping out another unemployed friend, weathering some Internet intrigue and networking like crazy on Facebook and now (Heaven help me!) Twitter! Overall, I've had a pretty busy and productive year.

That said, if you like what we offer here or at any blogs in the Booksteve family, donations would help! Thanks and thanks for listening.

We now return you to your regular pop culture ramblings. Hey, how 'bout that DOCTOR WHO finale!?

PS-The above pictures are from the LIFE archives and depict a Turkish boy selling renting out well-used (possibly from US servicemen) American comic books from the World War II era.

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