Monday, September 21, 2009

You Guys Need Any Shoes?

Just wondering if this mid-fifties comic book ad might be the answer to my job troubles. I mean, everybody wants comfortable shoes, right? And 3000 extra smackers a year is nothing to sneeze at! Of course, assuming this company is still in business that estimate might go as high as 4000 now! Seriously, Joe, what size are you? Cal? Rick? Sam? Pete? Rose? (Pete Rose! LOL!)What styles do you like? Lisa? Hmmm....okay, never mind, Lisa. You're not a big shoe wearer. Hey, where ya'll goin'? I got shoes! What's the...? Hey, wait! Don't go, I... Hmmmm...Maybe I'd better re-think this. Wonder if I can get hold of William Bergstrom and see how that all worked out for him.

1 comment:

  1. they dont have door-to-door salesmen anymore (it looks like) - but they will allow you to link to them, and give you a cut.