Friday, September 25, 2009

Agar Agar

My piece on the 1972 British DRACULA magazines garnered some interest the other day so here's a little more info I've found. First of all, a comment on a piece done by Curt way back in 2005 at THE GROOVY AGE OF HORROR ( ) informs me that the Warren version reprinted only the first six issues in the US. Apparently all 12 published issues were literally rebound into a hardback collection in the UK. This seems to have been the intention all along as each issue continues page numbering from the previous issue rather thatn starting over at page one each time.

AGAR AGAR, the psychedelic strip in the series, derives its odd title from (from Wikipedia) " ...a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed (that) can be used as a laxative, a vegetarian gelatin substitute, a thickener for soups, in jellies, ice cream and Japanese desserts." Still not sure what this has to do with anything mind you but...Here's the complete AGAR AGAR strip from issue seven, a super hero parody featuring our heroine's encounter with "Superbat." According to Net info this Albert Solsona drawn strip was written by Sadko(??).


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  2. The NEL Dracula book was a "partworks" which is sold on a fortnightly-to-monthly basis, then, once the series is complete, can be bound into a specially-designed binder.
    The concept, though popular in Europe, never caught on here in the US.

    The most famous partworks series was HG Wells' Outline of History, which was initially-sold in both England and the US in this format before being reprinted as standard hardcover books.