Sunday, September 06, 2009

Craig Yoe's Super I.T.C.H.

Hard to believe I first saw Craig Yoe's name in CBG way back about 30 years ago now! Now I'm working with him as a part of I.T.C.H., Craig's new International Team of Comics Historians. Since last week, I've posted some cool links, some recommendations, a review and a piece about a pioneering French cartoonist over at their website. If you like what we do here every day, check it out, add it to your link lists and tell your friends.

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  1. And I was at Craigs wedding in Akron, Ohio in 1970 when Father Fred - a little bit snockered- declared "Jaig and Cranet" husband and wife and they ran a great coffeee house called the "The Avalon" whre I saw David Allen Coe play and passed his hat for about $10.00 in small change. Great times!