Friday, September 04, 2009

Mrs. Roosevelt Writes

This is not a political blog but I must say I'm left somewhat dumbfounded by the bizarre negative reaction to Mr. Obama's as-yet unpresented speech to students scheduled for next week. This is nothing new. Other presidents have offered encoraging messages to the youth of America including JFK and George HW Bush! I was reminded that, in fact, Bush Jr. was reading (poorly) to children when 9-11 hit! Seriously, people, we haven't even seen this speech yet! From what I hear, though, I doubt the message will be that different than this succinct 1941 missive to M. C. Gaines from Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt that ran on the inside cover to ALL-STAR COMICS # 5. Come on, people. Let's complain about the real issues at least! (As always, do not attempt to start a political argument on this subject here. Take it outside. This may be a public forum but it's MY public forum.).


  1. Well said sir! Couldn't agree more.

  2. i've heard that my county wont be letting it's school children see the speech...