Monday, September 14, 2009

More Galexo!

Todd Hillmer snuck in another Galexo strip in the comments of the previous Galexo posting! Here you can see that what I had thought previously to be the dorky back of his dorky hardhat helmet was actually the dorky back of his fashionably trendy dorky long blond hair! I thought it might go unnoticed if it just stayed there so here it is along with parts of what Todd had to say--
"My stash came from Stars & Stripes, I believe. Whenever I've seen anything written on the last days of this Batman series, 1974 is given as an end date. That is really hard to swallow as these Galexo strips are beyond bad. I'd love to see what came next..."

"And Galexo himself? Even in this continuity, it's established the dynamic duo are friends with Superman, how are we supposed to be impressed with this guy??"
I think I speak for all of the folks who have commented and emailed me here and on Facebook about Galexo, Todd. We'd also love to see what came next but we'd settle for the strips between the debut you shared with us before and the above final strip in that paper. It's a continuity train wreck! I'm not saying you should send them to me. YOU have a marvelous site ( that I spend hours at a time on if someone doesn't remind me to eat ocassionally! I may not know who he is beneath that stupid helmet of his but theworld needs him now! Well...Actually, the world may never have NEEDED Galexo but the world WANTS Galexo now more than ever!

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  1. Wonder why Bob Kane's signature resurfaces once the strip is CLEARLY not by him?