Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Paul Levitz

I've found out more good stuff about Paul Levitz today than I ever knew before in the wake of the turned-out-to-be-true rumors that he was being expedited out of his long-running role as the President and Publisher of DC Comics. All I really knew before about the man (with whom my wife and I shared an elevator in Chicago once back
in 1990) was that he had a passion for comics that was nearly unrivaled. From his days as editor of THE COMIC READER to his wonderful LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA stories and his educational annotations of all of the old LEGION stories in reprints, I enjoyed his work. In recent years, even though I am hardly a fan of the current DCU, I always respected that the man at the top had that passion. Thanks, Paul. I'm worried about what's going to happen now.

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