Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don Rosa

My own personal favorite "Good Duck Artist" on why we haven't seen any new stories by him in quite a while and why we sadly aren't likely to do so again. If you aren't familiar with his work, grab some. Anything. Don's sense of humor is almost identical to mine so I find his work hilarious but more importantly, he managed to fill his funny animal stories with the kind of attention to character, detail, old fashioned storytelling and sometimes very real emotion that only a true master of comics as an art form can do. Don't be prejudiced just because they're ducks. Classic stuff!


  1. Damn, what a terrible thing to happen, especially to an artist. My mother went through that about 15 years ago. It can be repaired by I don't know it if's enough for an artist's work. My prayers and thoughts are with him.

  2. This is indeed a shame. And I agree - his ducks were great!