Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ya' know, I never really read DC's TOMAHAWK. I just presumed it was cashing in on the incredible popularity of Walt Disney's Davy Crockett. Since I never read it, I don't have a lot to say about it so I'll ,et this house ad for the first issue in 1950 speak for itself. That's 1950...and Tomahawk already has the coonskin cap...several years ahead of Davy! Who knew?


  1. I always found the Tomahawk book incredibly, mind-crushingly boring--the kind of book DC kept releasing which helped Marvel overtake them in sales.

    By around issue #130 or so, they jumped ahead in the original book's timeframe, and renamed the book Son of Tomahawk. usually this kind of late-period premise re-jiggering is a disaster, but i feel this when the book got REALLY good. These issues had Frank Thorne art, with covers by either Kubert or Adams. Where's "Son of Tomahawk" Archive Edition??

  2. Tomahawk was one of a few DC characters that never had their own comic books in Brazil. Others were Congo Bill (and Congorilla), Johnny Quick (oddly named "Ted Multiple" in Brazil), Tommy Tomorrow ("Leo Futuro" in Brazil) and Green Arrow. They always had a short story published at the end of such regular titles as "Batman", "Superman" or "Superboy". Aquaman also guested for a while as "Homem Submarino" ("Submarine Man") until he was given his own title and the name was changed to the original.