Friday, October 13, 2006

The Addams Family Reunion

I love TV series reunion shows, no matter how simplistic or badly done they turn out! HALLOWEEN WITH THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY aired in 1977. The only original TV ADDAMS FAMILY appearance in color, it's hindered by the cheap looking video on which it was shot. The cast (all except Blossom Rock returning) are wonderful to see in character again, though, particularly John Astin as the manic Gomez and Carolyn Jones as the slithering Morticia. Even my later friend from the radio conventions, Parley Baer, who was almost a semi-regular on the series, returned here as a gangster. There would be cartoons and feature films and reruns galore but to me, THE ADDAMS FAMILY series represents a time and place where the macabre and comedy and a true sense of family all came together to help form the six year old I was into the man I became. This reunion, even with its flaws, was a nice reminder of that.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I am serious Addams Family fan and I have a story.
    In college we were assigned to write a paper discussing who we thought the 'best' father figure on television might be up to that time [1978].
    My paper was on Gomez Addams and my teacher promptly gave me a "C" and told me I didn't take the assignment seriously.
    I protested the grade with the English department and argued that the teacher was being unfair only because of what he thought of the character in question.
    The teacher said the Addams family was silly and had no merit thus proving my arguement.

    I should be writing about Mr. Cartwright or Mr. Walton said my professor.
    I said Mr. Cartwright was a widower 3 times over and has sons who constantly fought each other and had no life outside of home.
    The Department asked me to explain my choice of Gomez Addams.
    I replied that the man is a lawyer; independently wealthy; a smart player on the stock market; a loving faithful husband; a very involved father; and a supporter of the extended family.
    They live in a clean--though- oddly decorated home. Gomez and Morticia solve any problems with minimal effort while usually calm.

    Mr. Addams is also multi-lingual. He is a good dancer. He is very athletic as he is a champion fencer. He loves to work out on the trampoline.
    He has many hobbies including model trains.
    He has one vice being cigars.
    WHo could ask for a better father?

    The English Department debated the issue in private and also read my paper. When they called us back in I was awarded an "A" for my work.
    In my paper I had made my choice. I had explained my choice in much detail and provided examples. I had written 4 more pages than required with not a single grammatical error.
    [any in this post is due to speed]
    My professor was told that I had fulfilled the assignment regardless of his views.
    Also they noted that he had given a B+ to a paper about Andy Taylor of Mayberry. If he thought so little of sitcoms why would that paper rate so high?
    I doubt my instructor ever made that assignment again.

    I prefer the Addams family to the Munsters. The Munsters were okay but just wore thin after a while.

    Alan Bryan

  2. Good Stuff...I've got a copy! I love the way they used to film some TV-movies on video tape!

  3. I loved the series, but that special... well, it sucked.

    BTW, Blossom Rock was unable to attend cause she was, uh, sorta kinda, erm, dead since 1978.

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Back in 1973 there was a one-shot syndicated special called "The Addams Family Fun House" that aired on ABC stations.

    Odd cast: Jack Riley (Mr. Carlin of "The Bob Newhart Show") as Gomez, Liz Torres as Morticia, Stubby Kaye as Fester, Pat McCormick as Lurch and Eddie Munster himself, Butch Patrick, as Pugsley.

    I was living in the High Desert area of southern California at the time and saw it via CATV (community antenna television - cable TV for unserved broadcast areas) on the NBC station from Bakersfield. KABC out of L.A. didn't air it.

    Ironically, I caught this strange mash-up sketch show just after I had arrived home with the latest issue of Castle of Frankenstein (no. 21) which had the only mention I've ever seen of this program. Weird.

  5. Thanks Jim! I had totally forgotten about that syndicated "Fun House" thing and even after you reminded me, all I recall is Stubby Kaye and the fact that I caught it at my friend Terry's house on a Sunday afternoon.

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Sure, no problem!