Friday, October 06, 2006

Let's Help Lea Hernandez

You know I've been feeling pretty guilty lately and Tony Isabella's column today convinced me it wasn't too late to help. When comics creator Lea Hernandez lost so much in a tragic fire last month, many of my fellow bloggers rallied around her. They were professionals, I told myself. They knew her personally or had worked with her. Her unfortunate situation fell outside the stated purpose of this blog, I convinced myself. But like a character in an old radio episode of THE WHISTLER, I was haunted by that decision. Today, Tony the Tipster showed me that it was not to late to make amends. I never met Lea Hernandez and to the best of my knowledge, I only ever read one of her comics (and one she was only peripherally associated with at that) BUT THAT'S NOT THE FREAKIN' POINT, okay? This whole blogosphere thing has become something unique and I'm proud to be a small part of it. We're a community of our own now and we pull together when we're needed like the heroes we all admire and the family we've become.When I had my own troubles a few months back, people that I never met came together to help me. Creators whose work I was reading way back in the seventies were sending me encouragement and even cash! Total strangers halfway around the world helped keep me from having my car reposessed and completely losing hope. I'm here now as I should have been earlier--to ask those same folks to take a look at Lea Hernandez's own blog Dangerous Beauty where she somehow heroically manages to maintain a sense of humor while reporting on her own situation. I'm here to ask you to check out the Ebay auctions that are helping out her family at eBay Seller: blaize: Comics, Collectibles items on If you have a comics, pop or even just a personal blog and you, like me, chose to look the other way at first, then I'm asking you to run something on Lea now. Most of all, though, I'm here to ask you to help Lea Hernandez, one of US, the way you all helped me. Here's here email address: I can personally testify that that $1.50 I recieved at the height of my troubles was just as appreciated as that $100.00 contribution! It ALL helps. As I said, I've never met Lea but remember...she SURVIVED this fire. Because of that, we all have a chance to meet her, if only perhaps through her art for a long time to come. Thanks everyone! Lea, good luck! In the immortal words of Chris Reeve's Superman (in SUPERMAN II) "I'm sorry I let you down...It won't happen again."

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