Saturday, September 17, 2005

Link City!

Okay, so I'm sitting here with a massive toothache but I've finally found time to tweak this thing, already getting my info moved back up to the side and figuring out how to get some links up and then I accidentally deleted the whole thing! AARRGGHH!!
Take Two:
I apparently can only do three actual links at this point but they're good ones! Mark Evanier is a kind of God of pop culture blogging. Cartoonist Fred Hembeck is an old favorite and he and Mike Sterling have been very supportive to my fledgeling effort. If you like my stuff, you'll like theirs.
Other sites that I frequent include Tony Isabella's at World Famous Comics >> Tony's Online Tips - Tony Isabella, everyone's new fave DIAL B for BLOG, the equally amazing Bubblegumfink ,This is Pop! and Tom Peyer :: SUPERFRANKENSTEIN, the marvelously titled Lady, That's My Skull and Jart in My Head, the unique (and more adult than most of these links) The Groovy Age of Horror, the elusive Transbuddha (wouldn't even let me link to it but search it out yourself. It's worth it!) and finally Jerry Beck's incredible CARTOON RESEARCH .
Everyone in the blogosphere has been very welcoming to me as the new guy and I'll show my appreciation by posting more and even better stuff going soon as I can get my PC to stop locking up every time I try to upload a picture. Anyone have a clue what that's all about?

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