Monday, May 21, 2007

The Phynx Revisited

Courtesy of ace researcher DEREK Tague (aka the king of the dyslexic joke and the mayor of Etherville), here's a nice cast photo and a couple of contemporary reviews (or in one case half of one) of the barely released 1970 film, THE PHYNX, a true contender for the coveted title of worst film ever made. Just a quick recap, many of the world's pop culture icons ( the Bowery Boys, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Colonel Sanders, Dorothy Lamour, etc.) are kidnapped by an enemy nation. The US forms a Monkees-style rock group (naturally) and has them trained as secret agents (by Richard Pryor and Dick Clark amongst others) to be sent to rescue the plethora of out of work guest stars. Hilarity ensues...or presumably might have if the otherwise talented folks behind this misfire hadn't made nearly every possible mistake along the way.
In the picture you have-Kneeling l to r, The Phynx (Ray Chippaway, Dennis Larden, Michael Miller, Lonny Stevens), Pat O'Brien, Fritz Feld, Rudy Vallee
1st row standing- Butterfly Mcqueen (barely visible), Joe Louis, Andy Devine, Ruby Keeler, Lou Antonio, Patty Andrews, Louis Hayward, Dorothy Lamour, Georgie Jessel, Busby Berkeley, Joan Blondell, Colonel Harlan Sanders, Jay (Tonto) Silverheels, Johnny Weissmuller
Back Row-Joseph Gazal (??), Xavier Cugat, Huntz Hall, George Tobias, Leo Gorcey, Marilyn Maxwell, Cass Daley, Maureen O'Sullivan, Edgar Bergen
Not seen here but also in the film were Clint Walker, John Hart (as the Lone Ranger) and Charlie McCarthy!

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