Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dynabrite Comics

Here's a comic company that I seem to have completely missed. Never seen an issue. From what I've discovered, though, Dynabrite Comics was a Whitman spinoff from the late 1970's that reprinted two previously published Disney, Warner Brothers of STAR TREK comics on better paper with brighter than normal coloring. They retailed for 69 cents at a time when regular comics were still about 50 cents and had cardboard fronts with blank white inside covers. Sort of an early version of Baxter paper comics?


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The 1970's was the Search for a
    Format Decade. Sales were plummeting for comic books, so the
    publishers tried, in vain, to find
    a different style of presentation
    to make the vast potential audience
    sit up and take notice...and buy
    comic books again!
    Paperback reprints? Done. Treasury
    Editions? Oh yeah. Dynabrites?
    Of course, it was the inside material that was turning off the
    readers/buyers. Putting it on bright, shiny paper or different sized paper didn't disguise the downturn in quality.
    Even unsophisticated kids know when
    they're being snookered!

  2. >>Dynabrite Comics was a Whitman spinoff<<

    wow...a Whitman SPIN-OFF? i would've thought that was impossible, since to me the name "whitman" is synonymous with "spin-off."

    i agree with sam above--the 70s and early 80s was all about the formats! soze most of my life!