Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Justice For All Includes Children-Superman

Here's a SUPERMAN PSA from the late seventies, apparently number seven in a series (collect the whole set!) featuring everyone's favorite Man of Steel with artwork credited to Continuity Associates which, of course, is Neal Adams and crew. Neal's influence is clear here but then it would be. Not sure if he actually had anything to do with this one at all. Jerry Bingham? Our friend Mike Netzer? Some anonymous assistants? Either way, a nice one.

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  1. A little late for this because I've been away, Steven. I remember the piece well and it is all Neal in the pencils. Inked by Dick Giordano and slightly touched up here and there by Neal afterwards but nothing serious.

    It does have an air of others' involvement in the layout but this is because of the type of work Neal did then on commercial jobs which needed a more settled look than his own comics had.

    Also unlike other comics work, commercial jobs had difficult next day deadlines but if you look closely at the figure attitudes you can see it's Adams all the way.