Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peanuts Holiday Ornaments

We have never been the type of family who collected and proudly displayed Christmas tree ornaments. In fact, the two seen here have never been out of their boxes even today! This, of course, begs the question of whether or not they're actually in there. Schrodinger's PEANUTS? Or is that Schroeder's PEANUTS? Anyway, these two little off-model Hallmark gems (with Linus looking like Charlie Brown to me!) were picked up by us at some point back in the distant eighties and have literally been gathering dust on the Library shelves (along with several similar STAR TREK Christmas tree ornaments!) ever since. I gather some of them are a bit rare even. As you can see, these are part of the SNOOPY'S CHRISTMAS collection. Not sure how ol' Snoop ended up getting top billing over the more traditional CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS but I guess that's Hallmark for you.

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  1. Happy Holidays Steverino!

    Those two Peanuts ornaments are actually part of Hallmark's collection of merchandise tying into the strip's 50th Anniversary. I have the whole set and am looking at the underside of Snoopy's doghouse as I type these words - there is a "Peanuts 50 Celebration" logo on the bottom. I guess that dates them to 2001. You're right about Linus looking like Charlie Brown - when I set these up last week I acutally had to compare the two and if not for the hair on the back of Linus' head I wouldn't have been able to tell them apart.