Saturday, December 12, 2009

Captain Marvel Says Merry Christmas-1972

Another TBG holiday cover, this one from waaaaaaay back in 1972 and drawn by "Fandom's Fantucchio (John G. to be precise). A popular fan artist with a practically indecipherable signature, his best work always looked at least partially traced to me and his more obviously original work reminded me of Larry Ivie's. A nice take on the then newly revived "Big Red Cheese" here though, using dialogue used by SUPERMAN in the 1940's. Since much of said dialogue had to be cut off due to scanner limitations, what the Captain is saying is "I hope all you readers will remember to be generous to those less fortunate than yourselves--and now-Merry Christmas to you--and a Happy New Year!"
An explanation of Superman's comments appears inside the issue in an atypical "behind the cover" feature, also seen here.

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