Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Friend the Novelist

Okay, so as I previously stated, I did NOT finish the NANOWRIMO writing competition. Whilst I have every intention of restructuring what I DID get done into one heck of a short story, I have the utmost respect for those who came through and did actually end up with their completed novel...or at least most of it.

One such person is my friend, Dee. Visiting this past week on Christmas vacation, she graciously allowed me to help proofread and edit her novel in a marathon session that we will be continuing long distance after she returns home. It's good. Really good! It's original (as original as anything CAN be anymore, anyway) and I have no doubts whatsoever that she can successfully polish it up and actually get it published.

THE IMMORTALIS SAGA is now, in fact, projected as a fantasy trilogy (what ISN'T a trilogy these days?). Dee has a natural gift for creating interesting characters and pacing a story just right to keep it interesting. I hesitate to give away too much of the plot at this stage (so as not to have some unscrupulous person nick them!) but if you're at all intrigued, she has just started her own blog on the writing of her book, offering behind-the-scenes bits and details of its creation.

Check out MORE COFFEE PLEASE at and tell Dee that Booksteve sent you! Then keep your ears open for news of when her book gets published...and it will!
Oh, by the way, I know there are some folks in publishing who frequent this blog. Anyone interested can contact Dee through her blog or drop me a line here. Not saying she's necessarily the next big thing but it's a good, rousing fantasy adventure novel!

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