Friday, December 25, 2009

"Merry Christmas!!"

Maurice LaMarche--perhaps best known as "Brain" on the already classic PINKY & THE BRAIN, wrote the following as his Facebook status this morning-- Maurice LaMarche believes it's quite enough with the politically correct, deliberately generic "Happy Holidays!" What is that? Does it include St Thorlak's Day? Junkanoo? Rod Serling's Birthday? It's CHRISTMAS, for cryin' out loud! At least for today, say it! And only it! MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!

My comment--one of dozens he began quickly to receive--was as follows: I was a big supporter of the whole "Happy Holidays" concept for years before it became a politically charged issue.I wasn't trying not to offend anyone. I just wanted to include all the surrounding holidays. That said, I, too, have become sick of it in recent years being co-opted as "Newspeak" so I have made an absolute point of saying "Merry Christmas!" to all and sundry this year! How can wishing someone a Merry Christmas be conceived as offensive? It's a positive statement that is NOT dependent on the other person's religion to be effective! So Meeeerrrry CHRISTMAS, everyone!!


  1. We don't have that problem in the UK: nobody says "Happy Holidays"! It's "Merry Christmas" or nothing. We're definitely a multi-cultural, multi-faith society ( and all the better for it ) but the PC-police haven't spoiled the simple Xmas greeting so far. So, I'll say it again: "Merry Christmas, Steve!"

  2. humbug and all that jazz-- i'm here for one thing... what is that toy???

  3. THE GREAT GARLOO was a one season wonder--a remote controlled walking, bending and if I recall correctly growling monster man in a loincloth that has recently gone for nearly a thousand bucks on EBay. I always wanted one! This one from 1961 was my cousin's! He's now a rich lawyer so if he doesn't still have this one (I would)he can afford another one!