Friday, December 04, 2009


Each and every day (more or less) one can find me over at ITCH headquarters early in the morning linking to a handful of cool comics site postings. It occurred to me that over here at my own home base it's been quite awhile since we recommended any links. Lots of new, nifty stuff out there during that time. Here's just ten for a start. Visit some of these and see for yourselves.

ALPHAVILLE is a heady mix of atheistic humor and humanistic commentary from a guy named after the lead character in the surreal cult sci-fi film from which the blog takes its name.

At VINNIE RATTOLLE'S RECORDS you'll find music and TV stuff, mostly from the seventies and late sixties. Some you can read, some you can read about, some you can download and watch or read.

LUBBERT-DAS guru Colin Lorimer's spanking new COMICS site is currently offering one post only--a preview of the Irish-Canadian writer/artist's new project UXB which looks and sounds like post apocalyptic fun indeed.

Artist Sam Henderson has a fun blog that mixes his own works (both previously published and otherwise) with historical and eclectic slices from his own comics and pop culture collections. Blow THE MAGIC WHISTLE at:

FUNKTARDS is a repository of often genuinely surprising and amusing (and NSFW!) nerd humor found on and around the Internet.

Jim Hendrickson's pop blog, THE COMPLETEIST (sic) is a lot of fun, particularly with his regular posts of videos taken from the charting Top 5 in various years!

MARK KAUSLER'S CATBLOG offers comic strip reprints and histories along with some just general pop culture goodness on the side.

PANELOLOGICAL PANTHEON offers reprints and often very detailed commentaries on some little-known but fascinating comic book stories and series from the Golden Age.

MICHAEL BARRIER. COM showcases the historical animation perspectives of one of the most respected cartoon historians (and founder of the legendary FUNNYWORLD fanzine about four decades ago).

THE RAGGED CLAWS NETWORK deals with odds and ends from various comic book art legends but mainly serves as an archive of some of the lesser known (or lesser available) works of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, the great fantasy painter.


  1. Can't thank you enough for the tip of the hat! I'm here every day reading and enjoying.

  2. You wound me sir. If I was wearing a glove I would take it off and slap you with it. Pistols at dawn sir. I demand satifaction for such an insult.

  3. These are all folks I haven't linked to before--new links. You I've linked to before.

  4. Thanks for the virtual shout out, my friend. It is greatly appreciated.