Monday, November 16, 2009

Unprinted Captain Atom Cover

I forget where I found this so apologies are owed to someone but here's a stylish 1960's cover for Steve Ditko's second run on CAPTAIN ATOM that for some reason went unpublished at the time. With new Ditko books from Craig Yoe, Blake Bell and Mr. Ditko himself, it's a good time to be a Steve Ditko fan!


  1. Nice cover. I loved these and the Blue Beetle when they came out... even though I had to bicycle to a creepy old mom & pop grocery on the other side of town to find them. In the 60s, Charlton books always seemed to be displayed only in very depressing and ancient stores.

    What are the new books from Yoe and Ditko? I haven't heard of those.

  2. This would be from the last planned issue of Captain Atom, #90. The material for it would see print in the fanzine "Charlton Bullseye" #1 and 2, inked by John Byrne.

    This was also a further Blue Beetle comic that was done, that would be published in the fanzine CPL, under the name "Charlton Portfolio". (this was published by the same people who did Charlton Bullseye).

  3. Hi, I own the original artwork, you may well have took the image from my CAF (Comic Art Fans) Galleries at: