Monday, November 09, 2009

Craig Yoe Lectures on Joe Shuster at Dr. Sketchy's

For those of you who may have been dozing for the past few months, every morning I post at least four recommended comics links over at Craig Yoe's SUPER I.T.C.H. blog( ). One of the benefits of being a "Media Consultant" with Craig is that I got invited this past weekend to the Fetish Life Drawing Event/Lecture in New York City based on his important and controversial recent book SECRET IDENTITY: THE FETISH ART OF SUPERMAN'S CO-CREATOR JOE SHUSTER. One of the downsides is that being in Kentucky I was not able to attend. The lecture portions at least (and who wanted to see that other stuff anyway?) made it to YouTube quickly and I decided to invite you all to watch! Take it away, Craig Yoe! (PG-13 really but probably NSFW just to be on the safe side)

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