Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comics Creator Photos of the 1970's

Earlier today, I ran across some hitherto forgotten clippings that I took from the old pre-CBG TBG back in the 1970's--a treasure trove of vintage newspaper photos of comics creators of the period. I tried to enhance them as much as possible when i scanned them but the yellowed look remains for most. 53 of them (out of about 80) are posted in a photo album on my FACEBOOK page but I'm not sure if you can access that if you aren't FB friends with me. Since many of you ARE FB friends with me, however, I thought I'd bring it to you attention. Let me know what you think. Here are just a few.

In these pics--Jack Kirby with Jerry Siegel, Neal Adams and, in the group shot, Don Glut, Mike Gold, Joe Orlando, Mike Grell, Paul Kupperberg, Martin Pasko, Don MacGregor, Jennette Kahn, Stan Lee and Len Wein


Here's the public link to the photo album. You do NOT need to be on Facebook or be one of my Facebook friends to see it!


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  2. Wonderful Album, Steven. If there's more then by all means don't stop.

    I've scouted around and found out about how to give as much access to it as possible. When you click the PHOTOS tab on your FB page, you'll see above the albums a link to "Album Privacy", where you can allow "Everyone" to see it. This still requires the viewer be registered and logged into FB, but they don't have to be in your friends list.

    As always, very nicely done and pack full of good memories.

  3. thanks for sharing the photos. Great stuff! :)

    From Italy
    smoky man