Friday, November 06, 2009

Epic Mickey

It's all over the news today about Disney's upcoming revamp of Mickey Mouse. Frankly, I find more interesting the description of the upcoming Wii game in which the new Mr. Mouse is scheduled to make his debut. Here's an excerpt from one article (the rest of which can be found here: ).

Epic Mickey, coming out next year for the Wii console, will feature a new Mickey based on a very old concept. In the Wii game, Mickey travels back to the black-and-white cartoon world he abandoned in the 1930s, squares off against the Walt Disney character he replaced (Oswald the Rabbit) and runs around trying to eradicate other cartoon characters with paint thinner. Then he continues his quest to other locations and scenes from Disney history.

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  1. Hm. Mickey's had no personality so long I suppose any change is good, especially to the dark side. But it seems to me we've already had Epic Mickey - his adventures in the Floyd Gottfredson strips will never be topped.