Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jack Benny and Mel Blanc-1974

The great Jack Benny and the equally great Mel Blanc worked together intermittently for more than thirty-five years. This TONIGHT SHOW appearance with Jack's number one fan (before Karen Hughes anyway) Johnny Carson from 1974 was probably their final appearance together It was certainly one of Jack's final TV appearances as he died at he end of that year. Ya gotta love YouTube.


  1. Steve
    I love this clip. I have watched it several times. Nothing funnier than Jack cracking up at Mel.
    thanks for posting.


  2. Jack and Mel were THE BEST. I have countless Jack Benny DVD's and they are never far from the player. Have you ever seen the Xmas episode where Jack buys a wallet from Mel ? Their finest moment imo.

  3. Funny is timeless. :)