Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Krazy Kat

I am neither a big fan of nor all that familiar with KRAZY KAT, the cult favorite surrealist comic strip from the early years of the last century. There's a nice book by Patrick (MUTTS) McDonnell from a couple of decades back and my ITCH-y mentor Craig Yoe has a KRAZY KAT book he's finishing up perhaps even as I write this but the only version that ever really appealed to me was the cheap 1960's TV cartoon version. As I understand it, however, what passed for Kokonino County continuity revolved around Offisa Pup (a dog) attempting to keep Ignatz (a mouse) from flinging bricks at the head of Krazy (a Kat of indeterminate gender) who welcomed his attacks with sighs of "Lil angel!"

That said, i was still shocked--SHOCKED I say--to find this 1922 strip in a posting for a Yahoo classic comics group I'm in! Ignatz and Krazy sleeping together!!! And we wonder how our nation's morals became so corrupted!


  1. Was one of my favorite strips to read when I was prepping old newspapers for microfilming back in the day.

  2. A far cry from the 1963 cartoon which I caught on WPIX!!!