Thursday, July 30, 2009

Robert Plant

I enjoy Robert Plant's music but I don't own a lot of it. I have had the LED ZEPPELIN box set for ages and I still have a few cassettes of Zep albums but I also enjoy his eighties solo hits and some of his more recent work with Alison Krauss. Being the geek that I am I always thought he would have made a hip and cool DR. WHO back in the late seventies if the music thing hadn't worked out. Thus I find myself surprised to find the picture here in the latest ROLLING STONE (the last of my free one year subscription!). With Paul McCartney aging nicely, Mick still lookin' pretty good and dozens of other dinosaur rockers looking perfectly appropriate for their age, I just find it hard to believe that Robert Plant, the absolute image of the sleek young rock god, looks like nothing less than a homeless person here as he receives a Commander of the British Empire award from the greying but still classy-looking Prince Charles. No disrespect meant. Just an observation.


  1. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Hi, just wanna say it's a bit too quick to draw a conclusion from "one" photo.

    I'd say he doesn't suit the look pulling his hair back. He looked quite well a few days earlier at the Silver Clef Awards. And I think he looks adorable with Alison together in this pic:

    In september he will perform at the O2 again for a charity gig, we'll see what he is up too :p.

  2. He certainly is looking a little rough around the edges there, isn't he. Ooof!

  3. "Spare us a quid for a cuppa tea, guv..."
    Percy is looking his age, isn't he? And getting a CBE isn't too rock 'n' roll is it? :)

  4. Ah well, we are all headed down the same path. I have seen better pictures of Plant. He still gives a good show though. I caught him about 4 years ago and although his voice is thinner than in his youth, he performed with gusto.

  5. Robert Plant does look a little rough there. Thought he could have cleaned up a little better for such an honor.