Thursday, July 09, 2009

Brian Epstein on What's My Line?

Here we have Beatles manager--and true fifth Beatle according to Macca--Brian Epstein in an appearance as "Mister X" on a mid-sixties episode of US TV's long-running WHAT'S MY LINE? panel game show. While Mr. Epstein's relatively rare sound bites are always interesting to catch, you'll learn little here about anything from him as he barely gets to speak even after they guess him. Bennett Cerf, on the other hand, although well-known as a progressive in the area of literature, comes across as a pompous jerk when he asks after the revelation, "Are there any moments when you feel a little sorry about the whole thing?" Ah, the Generation Gap.

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  1. Thanks for this, sweetie! I've always loved Brian.

    I am proud to have been chosen by the producer/screenwriter to administrate his official forum:
    The Fifth Beatle Movie Discussion Board

    Hope you'll stop by and click around. Eppy needs more appreciation than he's gotten the past 42 years. :)