Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Okay, so today is only the 3rd of July but that doesn't prevent gazillions of Americans from starting their celebrations early. For you, we offer this vintage early 1940's fireworks ad and, from the early 1960's, proof that some things DO change. According to this recipe card from Covington, Kentucky's Parkview Market--where we used to shop when I was a wee lad and which was torn down circa 1964--the appetizing red and yellow concoction you see a CHEESEBURGER! I dunno...Lolcats probably wouldn't go so gaga over 'em if this was still considered a cheeseburger! So cook out, blow things up and get wasted to show your patriotism. Me, I think I'm gonna pull all the curtains and just hope the North Koreans don't attack in the next couple days. If my car gets hit by an ICBM, I'm more likely to blame it on my neighbor. You should SEE the fireworks this guy gets!

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