Sunday, July 19, 2009

Casper at Sixty

Like many folks my age it seems, I have always counted BATMAN # 180 ("Death Knocks Three Times") as the first book of my official comic book collection. Long before that, however, my dad would bring me a handful of CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST comics every time he would happen to see them on sale anywhere. Maybe it was because CASPER was also one of my favorite cartoon series but I've always had a special affection for the little guy. Turns out he turns sixty this year and Dark Horse will be celebrating later in the year with this special reprint. In the meantime, head over to Jon's Random Acts of Geekery at to catch some CASPER by the tens! While you're there, congratulate Jon on his newly adopted daughter! Seen here is my own son about ten years ago at approximately age three proudly absconding with a couple favorite titles from my background longboxes!


  1. Thanks, Booksteve!

    I'll be introducing my own kids to Casper via the old cartoons one of these days (thanks to my public domain cartoon DVD collection)... the comics may have to wait a little bit longer, though!

  2. I love David's expression in this picture.