Monday, January 26, 2009


You'll note that there is no accompanying illustration today. The reason for that is that I have never seen nor could I find on the Web one single little teensy tiny image of the comic strip, SHATTUCK. What was SHATTUCK? Well, according to what I WAS able to find, SHATTUCK was a "sexy western" comic strip. It was the third (along with the oft-reprinted CANNON and SALLY FORTH) strip packaged by comics great Wallace Wood for the military newspaper, THE OVERSEAS WEEKLY in the early 1970's. It was, according to some sources, inked by Wood and his assistants d'jour but was, in fact, pencilled by a young Howard Chaykin, himself ably assisted by an even younger Dave Cockrum! I don't know about the rest of you comics geeks out there, but no matter the quality, I would most definitely pay for a collection of a strip like that! As it is, I'm asking here if anyone out there can maybe share with us a scan or three if you have perhaps some of the original art or maybe someone better skilled than myself in navigating the information superhighway can link us to some views. I'd really like to see what SHATTUCK looked like! Wouldn't you?

UPDATE-Ms. Lisa informs us that Jack Abel also inked some of SHATTUCK and that longtime Wood cohort, Nicola Cuti (E-MAN!) wrote quite a bit if not all of it! A quick check with artist Howard Chaykin, however, reveals that, "That stuff is so long lost, I wouldn't know where to begin."


  1. Ive a complete file of Shattuck clipped from overseas Weekly. 28 pages. Ends mid-second adventure. First adventure 15 pages looks to be Chaykin, remainder signed Cockrum and Abel. Wood or and assistant inked the first three, and these three are credited on the title banner to Chaykin and Cuti. All the other pages are Abel inking, sometimes beautiful but some of the pages look very rushed.

  2. Would greatly appreciate it if you could scan the maybe Wood ones and share them to my Been looking for years now and everyone who tells me they have some can never find them.