Thursday, January 08, 2009


Here's another recommendation--COMICRAZYS at I discovered this wonderful site by bouncing through the links on other folks' sites and I didn't want to leave it! Superheroes, funny animals, childrens' books, R-rated strip reprints (Bode!), Ren and Stimpy and little by little they're reprinting the entire Famous Artist's School coursebook that I wrote about recently! Page after page of just incredible and extremely rare illustrations like the limited edition Floyd Gottfredson one seen here, lifted from the site. It's amongst MANY Gottfredson prints, Hanna-Barbera Golden books, Smokey Stover (always a favorite), Milton Knight nad even R.C. Harvey! Take some time and check out Comicrazys. Literally something for everyone.

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  1. Very cool site, I've bookmarked it for a visit when I have more time!