Thursday, January 01, 2009

Robin McNamara

What's your favorite oldie? The other day I was typing in things at random on YouTube as I often do and came across this video of one of mine from th eold TV series UPBEAT. I haven't heard this song in more than thirty years and yet I remembered all the words! Robin McNamara was the lead in the Broadway musical HAIR at the time he came out with this infectious song that made him a one-hit wonder. When I was 11, I spent a lot of quarters playing LAY A LITTLE LOVIN' ON ME at the jukebox at Liberty Chili here in Covington. The cool thing about the internet is that Robin has his own site ( I was able to tell HIM that the other day, too! Even got back a nice response pretty quickly! So I repeat, What's YOUR favorite oldie. You can probably find it on YouTube and maybe even an official website of the singer(s). If you do, drop 'em an email and thank them for all the enjoyment they've given you.


  1. Cool post and a great idea!

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Ummmm...dude's got a gig on tv, and he wears his pajamas?!?!?

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    My friend Jody Miller did a remake of this song in 1979. She recorded it as a single for Epic Records and cut it at Hollywood's Devonshire Studios with the classic rock & roll group Sha Na Na doing background vocals!