Friday, January 30, 2009

Archie's Madhouse Ad-1959

I was 6 months old when this unusual ad came out for Archie Comics' answer to MAD Magazine. The most obvious thing about it to me is that, while it's a bit bizarre, it really isn't funny. While the great Archie creators of the day could do Riverdale humor, they seemed lost when it came to Kurtzman or Feldstein style comedy! Interesting, though, to note the use of the term, "chicken fat" in the ad as that term came to be associated with original MAD artist Willie Elder and his tendency to throw in all sorts of superfluous non-sequiters in the backgrounds of his panels. Coincidence? Was that term even associated with Elder at the time? Maybe they weren't all that funny but perhaps the Archie guys were precognitive!

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