Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bud Collyer and Comics

Bud Collyer, later known as an author of religious books and as a popular TV game show host on shows like BEAT THE CLOCK and TO TELL THE TRUTH, played SUPERMAN on radio throughout the 1940's. Here are a couple of photos of Bud reading a SUPERMAN comic. The cropped one below with the odd expression has been printed many times in many places but I'd never seen the other before with its additional, mint condition National and All-American comics of the day!


  1. Mr. Collyer also provided the voice of Superman in the Filmation
    Saturday morning cartoons.

  2. I think what you meant to say was the original Fleischer cartoons, made in the early 1940's..
    And they first ran in theatres, rather than on TV.

  3. Actually you're both right. Bud did the voice in SOME of the Fleischer cartoons and then many years later again in the sixties Filmation cartoons for TV. My friend Bob Hastings did the voice for Superboy in the sixties series.

  4. Hey, Rich, I really like your sixties-inspired art! Gonna plug your blog on my Wally Wood blog and my ITCH column!!