Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Movie Firsts

Some random movie firsts from my life:

1st Dracula Movie—Dracula, Prince of Darkness

1st Disney Movie—The Absent-Minded Professor

1st movie I saw without my parents—Double Trouble

1st movie I had to stand in a long line for—Yellow Submarine

1st movie I saw with a girl—Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang

1st James Bond movie—Diamonds Are Forever

1st adult date movie—Used Cars

1st X-Rated film—Teenage Cruisers

1st Marx Brothers film—Animal Crackers

1st movie on videotape—The Rocky Horror Picture Show

1st animated feature film—The Jungle Book

1st favorite film star—Jerry Lewis

1st film star I got an autograph from—Stefanie Powers

1st film star I saw in person—Bob Hope

1st WC Fields film—The Fatal Glass of Beer

1st M-rated film—The Eye of the Cat

1st R-rated film—Twitch of the Death Nerve

1st movie on DVD—The Avengers

1st blaxpoitation film—Shaft

1st martial arts film—The Five Fingers of Death

1st screwball comedy—It Happened One Night

1st Cary Grant film—Father Goose

1st Clint Eastwood film—A Fistful of Dollars

1st favorite actress—Julie Andrews

1st favorite movie song—Supercalifragilistic

1st favorite movie cowboy—John Wayne


  1. Anonymous5:59 AM

    I'm impressed that you can remember all those firsts. As I read your list I could feel my brain straining to recall my own firsts. It wasn't happening for me, but it was fun trying and reading your firsts.

  2. Don't be TOO impressed. I just now realized that the first Clint Eastwood movie I saw was actually KELLY'S HEROES as I saw it in the theater new in 1970 and didn't catch A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS until its 1973 re-issue.