Saturday, June 11, 2011

Worst Comic Ad Ever?

"Okay, these comic strip-stye ads are hot right now so we want to try one. Make sure you hire an artist who can't draw, preferably a twelve year old. Make sure they're terrible at faces, perspectives, proportions and especially fashions! Oh! And the lettering! Please be sure to get someone to letter it who squeezes way too many words into each panel! THAT should get the public's attention!"


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    I know that when my family came to the United States so many decades ago, they dreamed of a cornucopia of decals and recipe booklets, overflowing with cheap plastic crap for the whole family.

  2. In the panel where Margie is holding all her newly-acquired crap, what the hell is that pink thing in the middle of the pile supposed to be?

  3. I remember this ad. I come across it at times reading thru old comics. Always wonder who/what was behind it all.

    And the art... Is Billy a boy or a girl???