Saturday, June 25, 2011

More, More, More--The Andrea True Connection-1976

Although not a big disco fan, I did always like this song by past and future porn star Andrea True from 1976. I didn't know it at the time, of course, but Ms, True starred in the movie, ILLUSIONS OF A LADY, said to have been co-written by actress Christa Helm, in a role no doubt intended for Helm herself. Producer Jonas Middleton turned the R-rated script into an X-rated, hardcore one and Christa walked. Her name appears nowhere in the credits.

Ms. True, whose slight voice was enhanced and sweetened much in the modern manner, toured in promotion of MORE, MORE, MORE. I recall watching her on a local Cincinnati talk show whose audience consisted largely of little-old ladies with blue hair. When the obviously clueless host asked her on live television what she had been doing before her big breakthrough hit record, she opted to take the high road and said simply that she had been working around the edges of the entertainment industry in various capacities. Eventually Andrea True was forced to give up singing for health reasons. The song MORE, MORE, MORE has been covered and sampled by many over the years including a notable remake by Bananarama.

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