Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silver Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Sundays # 19

Here we have the legendary splash for SUB-MARINER 19 in which Marie Severin used her gift of caricature to show a number of members of the Marvel bullpen reacting--or not reacting--to the discovery of Namor's body on the beach. Johnny Craig, legendary EC artist, is the series' new inker but little of his style shows through here making me wonder if Marie did the Splash page solo.

Seen top center is probably Big John Verpoorten with the camera. The woman behind him is Marie and the man in the white T might be her brother, John Severin. The blonde gentleman with the glasses would be writer Roy Thomas. Could be Craig with the glasses holding the toddler. Stan Lee is at left (with John Romita?) The balding gentleman on the right might be Larry Lieber. Jack Kirby is chomping a cigar at lower right. I'm told Herb Trimpe is in there but none look like him to me. I'm sure, however, that all of the ones whose faces you can see are actually SOMEONE! Particularly that oddly dressed (for the beach) gentleman at right waving to the "camera." This issue introduces the cool and stylish...if impractical hero/villain...Sting-Ray, actually the missing doctor from two issues back!

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  1. The man looking to the "camera" possibly is Bill Everett, Namor creator.