Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pat Boone Contest-1959

Here's every girl's dream! A chance to hang with superstar Pat Boone at 21 and the Copa! Wait a sec...Pat Boone? I can't see him hanging out at the trendy places like that. Mr. Squeaky Clean? In fact, if every girl's dream included cozying up to Pat whilst you're alone together, I think they'd be disappointed there, also. Don't get me wrong. I like Pat Boone. I like his singing and I think he has great presence as an actor in many of his early films! And certainly a great sense of humor. But Pat was never the Playboy type. If anything, he may have been, even then, just a little to the right of Dale Evans when it came to Christian political correctness. Oh, least the winner got a thousand bucks and probably did get to at least MEET Pat!

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