Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger-Season of the Witch

Sadly, the biggest exposure Julie Driscoll ever got with Brian Auger and the Trinity in the US was probably on the little seen 1968 MONKEES TV special, 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER MONKEE, the last thing done by the Pre-Fab 4 as a quartet. In fact, if you've seen that little gem since it came out a few years back from Rhino, y0u know that Julie and keyboard whiz Brian arguably appear more than Peter, Davy, Mickey and Mike! That same year, though, in England, they were the toast of the town and had hits with Dylan and Danko's THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE (which Julie later redid with Adrian Edmonson as the theme for ABFAB) and this wonderfully pop art video of Donovan's SEASON OF THE WITCH.

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  1. Wow. Now that's witchy. Great fun to see the great Brian Auger, even in kind of an understated performance. Love the wacky sixties milieu...