Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hirschfeld's 007

Just time today to share this James Bond drawing from legendary caricaturist Al Hirschfeld! Not sure where this appeared originally but it was done to commemorate a scene in 1962's DR NO, the first Sean Connery Bond, and, as such, features a likeness of Ursula Andress's Honeychile Wilder (redubbed "Honey Ryder" for the film actually), also! I clipped it from, I believe, an old CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN issue. Looks like no numbered "Nina"'s. Here's a link to the late artist's official site:


  1. sweet. I love Hirschfeld. for many many years, I had a clipping of one of his Buster Keaton's on my wall. never seen that one before, though. very sweet. cheers.

  2. This may be stretching it, but I think there's a "nina" in the lower right corner, on the henchman's pants leg right above Hirschfeld's signature.

  3. I believe this was done by Hirschfeld for the DR. NO pressbook.

    Memory fades. But I probably clipped it right out of a DR. NO pressbook and pasted it into the CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN layouts.

    Wonder how many of these 1960s movie pressbooks he did? The only other one I know of was the Elvis movie FOLLOW THAT DREAM (1962).

    Bhob @ Potrzebie