Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Batman Newspaper Strip

In our ever-present quest for finding GALEXO (see here: )I ran across yet another example of the rare 1966-1974 BATMAN strip. You'll note that this example, dated March of 1971, features villainess Poison Ivy. A previous example we posteddated a week earlier than this one, also featured Ivy teamed with Killer Moth and the Riddler. I had often wondered why the character, one of the few new super-villains to come out of the camp phase of the comics, didn't reappear for ages. Apparently she was too busy in the newspaper strip! The very nice art here is by Nick Cardy in spite of the fact that the signature box credits Al Plastino.

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  1. later on the strip was credited to Al Plastino and Nick Cardy - Cardy is usually accepted as the inker.