Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ann Marie Visits Samantha

This is a quick little commercial to plug the time changes on three of ABC's 1966-67 sitcoms. These included two of my all-time favorites, THAT GIRL and BEWITCHED as well as the now-forgotten LOVE ON A ROOFTOP, an okay romantic comedy with a pre-LAUGH-IN Judy Carne and a pre-ALIAS SMITH AND JONES Pete Duel. The coolest part of this, however, is just seeing Ann sitting on the couch with Sam. Somehow, I just knew all of these sitcom characters hung out together when they weren't on the air entertaining the viewers, didn't you?

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  1. Second season? Sounds like a promo for early 1967. ABC tried this in early 1966, and had the hit with Batman.

    BTW, ABC retooled Friday nights as well, which is how I got to see The Phyllis Diller Show and The Avengers on a memorable night, 20 January 1967, in Albany, NY. That episode was the first colour episode of The Avengers to air in North America. Ah, the memories!