Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Un Flic Trailer-1972

When I was ten, I had a Japanese pen pal named Yoshiko Yashiro. She wrote me once that she loved movies so I asked her who her favorite star was and she told me that she adored Alain Delon. I told her he wasn't a star because (with typical Amuhrican arrogance) I had never heard of him. She countered that he was only the biggest star in the WORLD and that I was a dummy for not knowing that. Some years later I realized that, umm...she was correct. If you happen to be reading this, Yoshiko Yashiro, well...a very belated "Sorry?" This is the trailer (basically the wonderful opening few minutes) from my favorite Delon film, UN FLIC, Jean-Pierre Melville's old-fashioned caper film that also stars--no matter how unlikely it may seem--American actors Richard Crenna and Michael (HILL STREET BLUES) Conrad!

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  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Un Flic is good but suffers from the terrible model work of the train and the helicopter, which goes on and on. I prefer Le Samourai with Delon, or Le Doulos with Jean Paul Belmondo. French Crime is a great genre I've just discovered in the last year, and there are some great examples. Really made my netflix pay off.